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The valuations team at LitAcc fully understands the challenge of determining an appropriate and fit for purpose value of a business and/or shareholding in it, and possess the right blend of technical knowledge, legal knowledge, business acumen and sector experience. We can prepare a valuation for any purpose including:

We can value businesses operating in a number of sectors and markets such as retail, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, food and drinks, professional firms and real estate. We will do this using an appropriate valuation methodology, for example earnings basis, net assets basis, discounted cash flows or industry specific method.

We can present the valuation in a clear and concise written letter, memorandum or report. Our written document will clearly state the valuation methodology used and assumptions made in valuing your business and/or shareholding.

Prior to being instructed, we will discuss your requirements with you, provide you with an information questionnaire and agree a fixed fee for our valuation service.