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LitAcc has a highly experienced forensic accounting team with a wealth of accountancy expertise, legal knowledge and sector experience. We can assist you on a range of forensic accountancy matters regardless of its size and complexity, including:

We can forensically analyse, investigate and interpret large volumes of financial and non-financial information (held in both hardcopy and electronic form). We can prepare complex and robust financial analysis, business valuations and financial models calculating losses.

We can summarise and present our findings in a clear and concise written letter of advice or expert report. Our expert report will comply with the relevant legal procedures such as Criminal Procedure Rules, Family Procedure Rules or Civil Procedure Rules.

After providing you with a written letter of advice or expert report, we will be available to assist you with the negotiations with the other party to reach a settlement and/or provide oral evidence in court.

Prior to being instructed, we will carry out a preliminary review of the matter at no cost and advise you on the best course of action and provide you with a fixed fee quote for our service.